(Montréal, Québec) Wednesday, December 4, 2012– A first in Montreal, Les Boys will see if they measure up against Les Stars de Montreal (« Les Girls » for the occasion) at a fundraising game next Saturday, December 15, at 1 pm at Étienne-Desmarteau arena in Rosemont.

This special event will provide a unique opportunity for Montrealers to see some of their favourite actors from the Les Boys television series prior to the release of a fifth film in the spring of 2013. Les Boys will be bolstered by NHL alumni and friends as they face the formidable talents of the Montreal Stars, winners of the highest honour in North America the last two seasons, the Clarkson Cup (and whose current roster includes 7 Olympic champions!).

Both organizations hope to pack the Caroline Ouellette Arena at Étienne-Desmarteau, which contains 1,200 seats. Profits will be divided equally between the Montreal Stars and the Les Boys foundation, the Quebec Foundation for Children. The proceeds will support the club’s operating expenses this season, including marketing initiatives and coaching stipends. Admission is $ 20 for all and tickets are available online. Due to the nature of this event, season passes, regular tickets and free passes will not be accepted.

Admission : 20 $/person

Tickets online only: http://store.cwhl.ca/collections/tickets-passes/products/les-boys-contre-les-girls

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