April 10th Arrival in Switzerland

Blog Entry #5

We arrived in Winterthur, Switzerland around noon today. It is such a beautiful day here, sunny and 20 degrees. I feel I had not enjoyed the sun since last August so it feels extremely good! As soon as we landed, you could see the smiles on the girls’ faces because it looked so beautiful outside. In Ann Arbor, we had not much else than rain. We soon realized we all packed way too warm and regretted not bringing more shorts and sandals. Although we are tired from a 16 hours day of travels, we feel privileged to be here in this beautiful country for hockey.

Tomorrow will be somewhat of a fresh start for our team. We plan on learning from our last game, we lost to the U.S. 4-1, and move forward as a team. We know we underperformed and were all disappointed. We are aware that we have a lot to improve on and the next few days will give us a chance to work on several aspects that will make us a better team.

I would also like to wish my mother Nicole happy birthday! Sorry I cannot be there… again! Seems like a trend since 1999, my first year on the National Team!

Off to a soccer game to make sure we are not tempted to sleep! Best soccer player on the team is Catherine Ward! Other excellent players include Charline Labonté, Kim St-Pierre and Rebecca Johnson! I personally pass the ball as soon as I can! Gives you an idea about my soccer skills!